Visa Master Agreement

Mastercard International Incorporated (“Mastercard” or “We”) offers you (the “Mastercard” site) for your personal use of information, education and entertainment. Don`t hesitate to browse, download and use Mastercard`s website. By accessing and using Mastercard`s website, you accept and accept the terms of use “Terms of Use” below, without limitation or qualification. If you don`t agree with these terms of use, don`t use Mastercard`s website. 19. Amendment and termination of agreements: The bank may amend and modify the agreement from time to time, including, but not only on the costs incurred. Any adverse changes or changes, with an immediate change necessary to maintain or restore the security of the account or network of ATMs in which the bank participates, Notification will take effect in the bank`s records no later than 21 days after the notification is sent to the entity`s last address, electronically, if the entity has agreed to receive these communications electronically, with regular statement of account statement (including periodic statements of accounts) or made available to the company. The bank may, but is not required to lay off if the change is made for the benefit of the company. By storing or using the card or allowing another person to use the card after the effective date of an amendment to this Agreement, the entity accepts the change.

Any change in the duration or condition of this agreement is effective unless it is accepted or approved in writing by the Bank. Either the company or the bank may terminate the contract in its entirety, or terminate individual or collective card privileges at any time, but such termination does not affect the entity`s existing commitment under this agreement. Each card is owned by the bank, is not transferable and must be delivered to the bank upon request. 4. Card Use: Any transaction on a card is considered an “article” under the account deposit account contract applicable to that transaction and is subject to the terms of the agreement. In order to protect the use of cards, each authorized cardholder receives a PIN code that must be used in all ATM and PIN transactions. The company undertakes to order any authorized cardholder not to disclose the PIN to anyone. If the security or confidentiality of a PIN is compromised, the authorized cardholder must immediately notify Wise about All deposits made through a BBVA USA ATM are subject to verification and proof and are accepted pursuant to the terms of the deposit agreement and our fund availability policy. 24. General: This agreement and its application represent the whole agreement between the parties with regard to the cards.