Agreement Between Two Neighbours

Access to the neighbouring country: If we do not reach an agreement, my request for an access order will be addressed to the court so that I can carry out the maintenance work set out in this letter. Scenarios like this are the reason why the parties should always write their agreed border agreement in a confirmed letter. It thus provides the evidence to which the parties can relate in the event of an agreed border dispute. While the boundaries of your property aren`t always clear, you don`t have to leave it to chance or guess. Instead, you can agree with your neighbors on a demarcation line, even if it`s not 100% accurate. However, be warned that this may still give rise to some quarrels afterwards. If that doesn`t help, our Small Claims department offers paid legal advice as well as introduction to a mediation service. The summary below covers many of the situations that may arise between neighbours If the person making the proposal does not start or stops work for more than twenty-eight days after an agreement is concluded, the adjacent owner may continue the work and recover the amount due under the original agreement [Fences Act 1975 (SA) s 8 (3)]. The work must be completed within the agreed time frame or as ordered by the court. If no specific timetable has been agreed or ordered, the work must be completed within four months (Fences Act 1975 (SA) s 8(6)). For example, if you intend to replace a hedge with a fence, you should keep in mind that a fence sets a much more specific boundary than the hedge, which could lead to a border quarrel if your neighbors do not agree with where you installed it. For this reason, you should never edit or add a boundary divider without first creating with your neighbors.

It may be that a border agreement states that a fence is the responsibility of your neighbor, but what if it is a task that he refuses to do anything about? In this case, you can simply have a new fence built on your side of the border. A boundary is an invisible line without width, so your new fence can literally touch your neighbor`s fence – let their fence rot behind your new narrow plank fence out of sight.