Agreement Fs

Agencies are not required to complete a separate declaration of intent for their specific projects. The Interagency MOU is a general memorandum of understanding that all agencies can use and cite. Remember that MOUs are not cash vehicles and cannot commit funds. In other words, you can`t move money with a statement of intent from one agency to another. You must establish a separate commitment agreement using specific forms provided by each agency, whether you are the recipient of funds or the payer of funds. The core of Service First is an agreement between two or more agencies to do things from an integrated perspective. The staff of both agencies negotiate the results of the agreement taking into account the scale of the work and cost elements, the duration of the agreement, the special report or schedule, the frequency of invoicing, supervision and standard work instructions, as well as any delegation of administrative requirements. Please involve your respective grant and contract staff. Service First Authority provides for agencies to enter into refundable agreements, but also transfer funds directly to another agency via cash codes….