Ajn Author Agreement

The alphabetical list of authors who have published articles and columns in the Official Journal is available in The authors presented. Try to avoid long URLs in the text (see example below). For readability reasons, the journal lists the complete information on the reference list and only cites the author`s last name or (most often) the first 2-4 words of the website name and year in the citation of the text. When the article is published, links to the reference information and URL are used. Here is an example from a recent OJIN article: The objective of the OJIN is to promote the exchange of opinions and information on the topics of care practice, research and training. We therefore strongly recommend that readers submit letters to readers on general topics and/or specific information contained in the articles. Please limit letters to more than 500 words. All letters accepted for publication are processed if necessary and, prior to publication, the processed letter is returned to the author for approval. The authors of the articles discussed in these letters are invited to respond to the letters. Requests to the publisher are recommended so that the publisher can give advice to the author. However, no request is required before the deposit of manuscripts. For manuscript requests, please contact Jackie Owens, Editor-in-Chief of ojin_jackie_owens@sbcglobal.net. Note: This fee is charged for a standard 20-page article length in MS-Word (1 inch margin per page and two-line space).

An additional page fee of INR 200 per page (Indian authors) or USD 5 per page (foreign authors) is charged for articles above this limit. This should be brief and specify the purpose of the study and the essential background information. The introduction should clearly state the hypothesis or goal, how and why the goal or hypothesis was developed, and why the author believes it is important. All authors are invited to sign the copyright transfer “OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing” when submitting a manuscript. Download the “Transfer of Copyright Form” and print it and send it by e-mail (with electronic signature) or by mail to: American Nurse Journal, the official peer review journal of the American Nurses Association, is dedicated to the integration of the art and science of nursing. If you plan to write for us, use these guidelines to choose an appropriate topic, learn how to submit your manuscript, and improve the likelihood that we will accept your paper for publication. Our goal is for you to have a positive publishing experience. On a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 are very satisfied, our authors rate their experience at 4.74. Authors are obliged to pay Rs. 5200/- (Indian authors) or USD 170 (foreign authors) for apcs upon acceptance of the manuscript.

APIs only apply to accepted items. The front page should contain a clear, concise and informative title of the article, followed by the names and affiliations of the authors. Membership should include the department, institution (normally university or company), city and state (or nation) and be entered as a footnote on behalf of the author. The corresponding author must indicate at the bottom left of the front page his full postal address, office/mobile phone number, fax number and e-mail address. Authors should ensure that their manuscripts fall within the objectives and scope. Authors are required to indicate the specific theme mentioned in the objectives and scope above in one. For example; Microbiology, biotechnology or structural biology, etc. Please provide brief but complete information on the analytical, statistical and experimental equipment and methods used. This part should be as clear as possible so that other scientists can repeat the research presented. It is recommended to use subtitles for sharing text.

Primary titles must be uppercase. Secondary or sub-written particulars must be marked in bold. . . . .