Armistice Agreement Suomeksi

Coverdale (United States) insisted that a solution to this problem be found within the Joint Ceasefire Commission in a spirit of friendship and the United Nations. On the basis of the above, the representative of the Allied (Soviet) High Command has: Colonel General A.A.Zhdanov, and representatives of the Finnish Government, Foreign Minister Carl Enckell, Defense Minister Rudolf Walden, General Erik Heinrichs, Chief of Staff, and Lieutenant General Oscar Enckell, have the right to sign the following conditions: (1) Concerning the cessation of military activities in Finland on 4 September 1944 and in the Soviet Union on 5 September 1944. In September 1944, Finland undertakes to withdraw its troops, in accordance with the procedure laid down in the annex to this Agreement, to the 1940 Soviet-Finnish border line. (See Annex to Article 1). 2. Finland undertakes to place its army on a peace base within two and a half months of the signing of this Agreement. .