Guinness Beer Rental Agreement

In 1764, the family moved into the Maison Beaumont, built on a 51-hectare farm. He continued to produce the same beer, never changed it and did not invent a new product. In 1799, Guinness beer became one of Ireland`s official symbols. Guinness is brewed in 49 countries and sold in more than 150. The beer brand has five breweries in five countries around the world, including Ireland, Malaysia, Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon. In 1899, Guinness hired a former American brewer named Arthur T. Shand as a “Guinness World Traveller”. It was the coolest job in the world. For 21 years, Shand has been partying and testing beer. According to Brady, “His job was to travel the world and try Guinness, whether it was good or bad, who our bottlers were in the market, who was our main competitor, what kind of people drank our product.” Shand has visited Australia and New Zealand, Southeast Asia and Egypt. “He was kind of a Guinness sommelier,” Brady says. The one-stop method is probably just a marketing gimmick, and many suspect that the whole process depends on you only getting your drink. So where did it all start? When Guinness switched from wooden barrels to metal kegs in the 1950s, it seemed like customers needed to be convinced that beer would still be as good as ever, so the company created this seemingly exceptional ritual to make drinkers feel special.

There were three beers in the series. It takes a spirit of adventure and irrepressible ingenuity to make Guinness® way. From our humble beginnings in 1759 to the present day, we have gone to extraordinary lengths to bring you exceptional beer. But while many milestones mark the path of our long and illustrious path, we are not the ones resting on our laurels. As we like to say, our greatest work has not yet been done. Behind every company that has gone through the centuries, there is usually a beautiful story….